The rules:

-No avoiding notable fights.
-Only three balls may be purchased in the entire game.
-Minimal needless power-leveling before the league.
-If a Pokemon faints, its dead, and no longer usable in battle.
-Only one Pokemon may be caught per route. Given Pokemon do not count, but game corner Pokemon do.
-Write a story.

Book One: The Ignition

Seventy years ago, a hero united the land and dispelled the old gods. There have been bumps in the way, but nothing this large. When a coup overthrows the established order, and the land united to oppose the new leader, lives will be lost, choices will be made, and nothing will ever be the same.
Now Released

Book Two: The Inferno

It's the dream of every journalist: secrets revealed, verdicts passed, difficult issues debated, and all in the same day. Two years after the battle for the Indigo Plateau, the new government has set up a war crimes tribunal to punish three offenders of the war. As the pain of the past is renewed, new secrets come to light that just might change the world.
December 28th, 2010